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From Conflict to Conversation

Working with relationships can definitely be challenging… Sometimes it feels as if things could spiral out of control at any moment. There’s anger ~ Feeling stuck ~ Resentment Oh, and we can’t forget the occasional nasty outbursts.  

As professionals, we want to HELP – After all, that's why our clients come to us in the first place! 

Sometimes just having more than one person in the room can be intimidating or uncomfortable. It’s easy to start feeling inadequate and ill-prepared when we’re not sure how to maintain control of the session. And when they’re not listening to you, it can be emotionally draining.  

If this sounds familiar....I have good news!  

I’m going to give you the strategies you need to be in charge of your sessions AND feel more comfortable working with all types of relationships, especially the challenging ones! 

You'll also learn how to create an environment that lends itself to success for you and your clients. 

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How to Confidently Help Your Clients Go From Conflict to Conversation  

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  • The 3 important tips that will help you to take control and create a positive environment for doing effective relationship work. 
  • How to quickly defuse the conflict and get back to the present moment.
  • The fundamental strategies that can help when clients are stuck or in crisis, and will also have lasting impact on their relationships.
  • And much more...

Debra M. Roberts, LCSW, is a licensed certified social worker who has been in private practice for more than 20 years. She has extensive experience working with challenging relationships.  

"What makes me a relationship expert? I’m a clinical social worker with many years in the trenches working with strained, stuck and difficult relationships. My communication method, now known as the Relationship Protocol, stems from my belief that if I can teach people how to communicate better – how to talk to each other, they’ll experience more positive and satisfying relationships. The model offers a practical and simple approach to healthy and relationship-oriented communication."  

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